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Buy Men's Fbeard Website. Shopify drop shipping store for sale
Buy Men's Fashion drop shipping store. Shopify drop shipping store for sale

Men's Grooming & Fashion Store

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Business for sale: WWW.BAREANDBEER.COM


100% Dropship business, easy to target with FB Ads and Instagram

You are a getting fully setup, ready to go dropship store. A very fun and niche product selling “Men's Bow Ties, Pocket Squares , Fedoras and Grooming Products" 

Business Model

Drop shipping is a great and low-risk option for online businesses because it negates the need to design, manufacture or ship your products. Drop shipping companies are manufacturers that will ship products directly to your buyers when the products are purchased. Here’s how it works: when a customer places an order on your shopify store– shipping and product info get sent over to your drop-shipper who sends the product out to your customer. With the app we use, this process is automated for you; it will automatically input your customer’s address and even process the payment.

With this system in place, you don’t need to worry about storing stock or shipping items out of your home. This frees up more time for you to focus on building an online presence for your brand and attracting followers that you can funnel to your online store.

 Features of the Site

· Built with Shopify which is a world class robust system

· Premium apps installed on the site

· Beautiful looking website with a premium feel 

· A fully responsive website which looks great on Mobile, Tab, and PC.

· Help with Google Analytics set-up

· Help with Facebook Pixel set up 

· FB page, Instagram, Pinterest & Tumblr account

· Email Marketing app set up

· Shipping app set up

· PayPal set up

· Interesting Blog articles

· Live video embedded on home page

· SEO optimized website 

· Current Profit Margin set up at 200%-250%

Projected Sales Forecast for the business:

The average sale price per product is= $20.
Minimum 100% profit margin per product
Net profit per sale =$10
After running a successful & targeted marketing campaign on Facebook & Google you can easily expect 15-20 Orders per day.
Total Sales per day: $15 X 20= $300
Total Sales per month: $300X 30= $9,000
Net Profit after removing cost of product= $4500/-

This is considering the bare minimum orders per day of 15. In reality after a successful marketing and social media campaign it is very common for ecommerce websites to receive 30-50 orders per day within the first few months.


What is included in the Sale:

  1. Shopify Account Ownership (Business is transferred to you)
  2. Domain name
  3. Ownership Social Media Accounts (FB page, Instagram, Pinterest & Tumblr account)
  4. FREE Email Marketing pack & Graphics pack as mentioned above

Free Inclusions & Bonuses:

We are also giving away a complete Email Marketing campaign for FREE, This is valued at over $300/- This will help you to start off your email marketing campaign 
You will get the following items FREE with your Purchase. 
1. BILLION EMAIL addresses worldwide for your marketing campaign 
2. Tips on sending bulk email messages 
3. EMAIL MARKETING EXCELLENCE PLR (My Expensive Paid Email Training Pack) 
4. Email Marketing Blueprint 
5. Email Prestige (Making Sales on Autopilot) Graphics

This is a complete Email Marketing Pack to start your WEBSITE advertising for FREE!!

You will also get a Graphics Pack for FREE. It contains

  • More than 100 Colorful and different style Discount Banners that you can use on your website to run promotions
  • Web design Icon pack with more than 500 different Icons and graphics that can be used to make your website attractive and beautiful