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Hello, Bonjour, Howdy!!

Thank you for visiting and giving us your time. I am Ani from Sydney, Australia. I am an avid traveller and been on the road for the last 2 years.

My Story:

Like most of you I did a 8-5 job and sometimes 2 jobs for many many years. First. I worked in Hospitality and then education & training. Though i enjoyed most of my jobs, I always secretly aspired  to be an entrepreneur. Wishing and dreaming of having my own business where i have the freedom to do whatever i want, whenever i want. You see i never wanted to make millions of dollars ( I mean would be nice to have a couple of million in my bank, LOL). What I really really wanted was FREEDOM in the true sense. I wanted to wake up when i want, sleep when i want, work when i want, travel wherever i want and at the same time be financially independent. Now when i say financially independent i don't mean "just get by" I wanted to have an income which surpassed my day and evening job combined. Easier said then done and so my journey began.

My first foray was in the stock market back in 2005 and by the time i started to understand how it works we all know what happened in 2008:). Then i discovered ebay and started selling small items and slowly it began to grow. Ebay was huge back then. From small items i went on to different products and eventually had a proper store selling bits of everything. I was happy that the store was doing well, however it never gave me the income that i was looking for.  I learned a lot about customer service, product sourcing, writing product descriptions, shipping, pricing, listing products at the right times etc. However what turned me off was the high ebay and paypal fees. It never allowed me to have that great margins. But most importantly I was too hesitant to go all in i.e. quit my job and pursue it full time.

Then I decided to get a website of my own. However, after speaking to more than 10 website developers I found that the price was ridiculously expensive and I could not afford it. Finally, I found a guy who was within my budget and we decided to go ahead with the project. The website was being on a platform called magento. You see I am a part time artist. I like drawing things so visual  appeal and aesthetics is really important to me. I found the developer far too unartistic (not his fault) and due to creative differences we called it off. My full time entrepreneur dream took a beating. However, I was not willing to give up. So I kept my ebay store alive and started to find ways and means to do it myself.

Finally, after a lot of procrastination I decided to learn website development. I enrolled myself in a course and started learning and designing. This is where my creativity came to real life. I started treating an empty website like a blank canvas and then would built it as per the product. I am very fascinated by human faces and portraits as an artist. I think human eyes, facial expressions, what they are wearing can convey a lot of emotions. People resonate to human faces. So my designs started revolving around human beings to depict the right emotion. I use this in all my websites and found that I started receiving a lot of appreciation from friends, family and most importantly my first few clients. I really enjoyed the process of taking a product and then giving it life in the form of emotions assisted with the right colours, text, layout etc. Almost like telling a story about the product and the business. That is when I knew this is what I want to do. Just not create websites but create life on my websites. Then I came across Shopify. It really is the best ecommerce platform that i have ever come across. Their system, support, integration and flexibility is unparalleled. So i decided to put all my eggs in one basket and go all in. I only make Shopify websites now and they are the lifeline of our business.

So to cut a long story short I now run my own successful online business, work from a cafe or the beach or anywhere really as long as there is wifi. My website prices are very affordable mostly under 500 bucks and I do not compromise on quality. All my businesses come with premium ecommerce solutions with all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a premium business without the hefty price tag. Due to this we have managed to sell over 200 businesses so far and counting. Check out my customer feedback on the bottom of the home page.

Finally, my advice to you, "Be brave to take the plunge and you will be surprised how things work out" 

Look forward to assisting you achieve your goals and dreams. 


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